Scouting Notes - 27 Jan 2009

Teams that are in need of a running back are concerned about Chris “Beanie” Wells injury history. The red flags being raised are likely to push him behind Knowshon Moreno & LeSean McCoy. As you see with our latest mock draft, Wells doesn’t project into the first round any more.

On that note, injury concerns didn’t stop Carolina from taking Jonathan Stewart in the first round last year.

According to our sources, the 2009 season may be the last chance for quarterback Jason Campbell to get things “right” or the team may proceed to look in another direction in regards to their franchise quarterback.

An anonymous NFL scout relayed the message that Wisconsin tight end Travis Beckum will likely get his looks in the 6th or 7th round of the draft. Prior to breaking his leg, Beckum was being perceived as a big slow wide receiver, rather than a tight end. He does have good hands but his speed is questionable and he isn’t the soundest blocker in his class.

Three prospects that have potentially fallen out of the first round for good, before the combine: OC Alex Mack (California), ILB James Laurinaitis (Ohio State), and CB Darius Butler (Connecticut).

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