Colts to replace Marvin Harrison early?

“As I look at our team right now, I think you have to think receiver for this reason: Marvin (Harrison)’s not going to play forever, whether it’s this year or the year after that,” Polian said Jan. 13, the day Caldwell was announced to replace Dungy, who retired. “We’ve got to be thinking about what’s the future at that critical position. How do you replace a hall of famer?”

Even if the Colts release the veteran wide receiver, 36, they would save only $6 million of the $13.4 million he is scheduled to count against the 2009 salary cap because of pro-rated bonuses he has already received but haven’t been applied to the cap.

That doesn’t go far in free agency for a team that has little space to maneuver under the cap and is committed to building and sustaining itself through the draft. Continue Reading


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