Pat White works out at WR

Apr 4th, 2009 | By Administrator | Category: Featured, NFL

Former West Virginia QB Pat White is proving to be one of the most intruiging prospects in the draft. Is he projected as a quarterback, or receiver? What about both? Based on those evaluations, how long will he last in the draft?

The intrigue continues.

White worked out with the New England Patriots on Wednesday, spending the majority of the workout on wide receiver drills, and worked out with the Denver Broncos on Wednesday, according to league sources.
As senior writer Steve Wyche wrote last week, White drew 25 NFL teams to West Virginia’s pro day workout. White said he would run pass routes and go through receiver drills upon request, but no teams requested. Now it looks like teams were waiting for their own priviate individual workouts to see White in other capacities.

White has been on the record as saying he prefers to remain at quarterback, but estimated that only two of 32 teams are giving him serious consideration as a signal-caller. It’s a good bet White — who is not refusing to switch positions — had a clear understanding of who those two teams are. In an live chat with White two weeks ago, he said if there was one team he was hoping would take him, it was the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While it’s a popular consensus White belongs in the NFL, exactly at what position — and where he’ll be picked at — is what the talent evaluators will have to figure out. One, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, has White rated as the fifth-best QB available in the draft.

“I think, especially at the Senior Bowl and Combine, he really impressed people with how well the threw the football,” NFL Network host Paul Burmeister said during a recent live chat. “He has a natural rhythm, nice touch, and better velocity and arm strength than people gave him credit for at West Virginia. Having said that, there are some legit concerns with him being a full-time QB — he is under six feet and less than 200 pounds. There are no starting QBs in the NFL at that height and weight.”


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