Final Offensive Rankings Posted

Posted by Administrator On April - 7 - 2009

Our final offensive position rankings have been posted.

You may disagree with some of these, so use the comments section to divulge your opinion. Also, do not hesitate to come back one year, five years, or ten years from now to prove us wrong or right.

In the rankings, you will see several players that we are high on and others that we are not.

Our top five overrated offensive players:
1. WR Percy Harvin (Florida)
2. OT Andre Smith (Alabama)
3. TE Jared Cook (South Carolina)
4. RB Shonn Greene (Iowa)
5. OG Herman Johnson (LSU)

Our top five underrated offensive players:
1. OT Troy Kropog (Tulane)
2. OG Trevor Canfield (Cincinnati)
3. WR Kenny McKinley (South Carolina)
4. TE James Casey (Rice)
5. QB Mark Sanchez (USC)

As for Mark Sanchez, he will be a first round pick but his value and stock is unfairly lower than Matt Stafford’s. At the end of the day, both Stafford and Sanchez grade out as 1a and 1b but we will take Sanchez’s keenness for the film room over Stafford’s wonderlic score all day, every day.

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