Rams buy Sanchez a plane ticket?

Apr 24th, 2009 | By Pete Dymeck | Category: Rumor Mill

In response to the story that the Rams have bought a plane ticket for USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, a league source tells us that the Rams might eventually be making an even larger donation in the form of cash or future draft picks.

“If the Rams purchased a ticket for Sanchez they are breaking rules,” a league source told us tonight. “They can do no such thing until they are on the clock. I would think the Commish would get a little testy over that.”

It’s possible that the Rams didn’t buy a ticket, and that they floated the story to Steve Wyche of NFL.com in order to advance a ruse aimed at getting Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to offer St. Louis a boatload of picks or players to move up to No. 2.

But if they went the extra step and actually purchased the ticket — even if they aren’t really interested in Sanchez — they could be in trouble.

We still think the Rams don’t want Sanchez, primarily because they have bigger needs. And they have Marc Bulger.

Though we wouldn’t be completely surprised by a decision from the Rams to draft Sanchez and trade Bulger, the Rams don’t need to take a bonus acceleration to help get to the salary floor; they currently have only $10 million in cap space, which puts them above the 2009 spending minimum.



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