Arthur Moats Interview
By: Scott Porter
February 23, 2010
Scott Porter: A lot of people downgrade a player like you due to level of competition, how do you respond to that?
Arthur Moats: If I was putting up average numbers than they would have a legitimate point, but since I dominated the competition like a really good player should, I feel I should get my due respect.

Scott Porter: What type of Defense do you feel you fit best in?
Arthur Moats: I would fit nicely in a 4-3 or 3-4 due to my size & speed, but I would be a force earlier in a 3-4 as an outside linebacker because I would have more experience at it and feel more comfortable there.

Scott Porter: What are you looking forward to about the Combine?
Arthur Moats: Proving the critics who feel that a smaller school guy should be downgraded wrong. Showing everyone that I'm good as, if not better than most of the guys at my position.

Scott Porter: What are you most looking forward to at your chance to play in the NFL?
Arthur Moats: The experience in itself, just being able to say I accomplished my goals and lived the dream of most young guys.

Scott Porter: What are your biggest strengths?
Arthur Moats: My speed and power. I have a good mix of both and that helps me make a lot of plays.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?
Arthur Moats: Make a team and play special teams right away, then lead my team in tackles and make it to the Pro Bowl.

Scott Porter: What is the toughest part about playing on the DL?
Arthur Moats: It's very physical, every play you're hitting someone whether the ball is coming your way or not.

Scott Porter: For those who have not heard or don't know much about Arthur Moats, what would you like to say to those people? What type of player and fit for an NFL team are you?
Arthur Moats: If you don't know me by now, in a couple months you will. A NFL team will get a hard-working guy who will do anything to help the team win. Also, they will get a good character guy who won't have any off-field issues.

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