Carlton Mitchell Interview
By: Scott Porter
March 11, 2010
Scott Porter: What are your biggest strengths?
Carlton Mitchell: I feel like my size and speed are two of my biggest strengths. I am a vertical threat. I consider myself a very versatile football player. I am a deep threat but at the same time I am not restricted to only catching the deep pass. I can run short routes and move the chains. I can also be a decoy for other players trying to get open and I help open up the offense that way. I am good in the blocking game and am a very willing blocker and willing to do whatever is needed. I am a full-time player. It isn't all about me when I step on the field. I want to do and will do anything I am called upon.

Scott Porter: What are your expectations of yourself?
Carlton Mitchell: I am expecting myself to go in as a rookie to work hard and compete for a starting job. One of my goals is to gain the trust of my teammates and coaches as fast as I can. Build a strong bond with my QB because this isn't all about me. This is about the team and building success together. I will do anything I am asked to do to win football games with an NFL team.

Scott Porter: Is there a player in the NFL that reminds you of yourself?
Carlton Mitchell: I wouldn't say there is one certain player just like me. But I watch and learn from a lot of players. I try to pick up certain players games from different strengths that they have. Jerry Rice was always one of those players. Brandon Marshall, Reggie Wayne, Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens. I watch and learn from those types of players and try and take areas of their games to improve mine. Larry Fitzgerald is another guy. So I would say I am not exactly like them as they all have different styles but I try and take something from every one of them to make my game better.

Scott Porter: What hobbies do you have off the field?
Carlton Mitchell: I sleep a lot. I love to take naps. I am a very simple guy. I like to go fishing. I like to play PS3, cartoons. I have an iguana named Iggy Godzilla Mitchell who I love to spend time with. I am just a simple guy, I don't do a lot.

Scott Porter: What is your favorite memory while at South Florida?
Carlton Mitchell: One of my favorite memories was as a redshirt freshman, we played a big game vs. West Virginia and I caught my first touchdown pass. It was a close game. It was a 55-yard touchdown catch and I was so excited I needed an oxygen mask after the play. The funny thing was that I only played three snaps that entire game. I didn't even get another snap after my 55-yard touchdown pass.

Scott Porter: What are your greatest accomplishments?
Carlton Mitchell: I would just say that as a player I have grown a lot throughout the years and my time here. Mentally and physically, and more importantly spiritually. My sophomore year I had a lot of distractions and after that I changed. I started playing in Jesus Christ's name. I grew a lot as a person. I became a better person and a better teammate. My teammates started coming to me for advice and respected me whenever they needed something, I was often the guy they went to. I did a lot of film work and put in the hard work to be a better player. All of that helped my career greatly. I started studying the little stuff to make myself a better player and person.

Scott Porter: Who is the toughest player you have ever faced?
Carlton Mitchell: My own teammate in practice, Mike Jenkins, now of the Dallas Cowboys. Hands down the toughest player I ever went up against. I had to face him in my first practice ever. He was so tough. He was very strong and physical. He was fast and athletic, big and tough. He was also extremely intelligent. However, I loved going up against him. It made me a better player. It made me work harder. I had to run tougher routes. He really motivated me because I knew he was one of the best so I strived to work hard when going up against him. I have never told him this but he really motivated me.

Scott Porter: How would you describe your style of play?
Carlton Mitchell: I feel like I am the entire package. I am very physical in the run game. I like to let my opponent know from the first play that we are not friends out there on the field. I like to set the tone early. I am trying to make my opponent look bad out there and get the best of him. I like to make sure I get the best of him more so then he gets the best of me. I always try and set the tone for that to be the case early on in a game. I am a very consistent vertical threat. I feel as if I can run past anyone on the field. I am very aware on the field. I am aware that the deep pass opens up the short passing game. I like going deep, short, across the middle. I have great speed but at the same time I can be a possession type of receiver as well. I am great at getting open and I am very humble about myself.

Scott Porter: Did you have a favorite player and team as a kid?
Carlton Mitchell: Honestly, I never played football until my freshmen year in high school. I started off as a punter and my coach saw me catching snaps and liked my hands so he decided to give me a shot at receiver. As a kid I loved basketball more. I loved Michael Jordan. My dad played overseas for 20 seasons and my brother is currently playing overseas.

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