Dustin Doe Interview
By: Scott Porter
February 24, 2010
Scott Porter: What are your biggest strengths?
Dustin Doe: I would say my biggest strengths are my speed and my athletic ability. I am good at covering the TE's and RB's out of the backfield. I am very instinctive, I am quick and fast. I may not be the biggest LB out there but I am athletic and as instinctive as most LB's.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?
Dustin Doe: My first goal is to go in and make an immediate impact on whatever team I am playing on. I will make an immediate impact on special teams as I have played special teams all four seasons I was at Florida. My role will be dependant on the team that I go to and if they need me to make an immediate impact on the defensive side of the ball then I would do my best in doing so. I feel I can come in right away and be a standout on special teams. I played on all special teams units at Florida my entire career there. That includes kickoffs and punts so really my goal is just really to make an immediate impact wherever they need me.

Scott Porter: Do you feel you fit better in a 3-4 or 4-3 Defense or does it matter?
Dustin Doe: It doesn't really matter, I feel I can transition in both types of defenses. I played in both at Florida, we lined up 3 DL's at times and 4 at other times so I have had experience playing in both styles of defense. I feel I am good in space but more physical in the box, so it really doesn't matter. I feel I fit well in either. The only problem I would see in a 3-4 is that they want bigger LB's.

Scott Porter: Is there a player in the NFL that reminds you of yourself?
Dustin Doe: I don't really think one player is similar to me but I like to watch Jon Beason of the Panthers and Dannell Ellerbe of the Ravens. I like how they are out there playing in space, both of those guys play very well in space like I do and they hold their own in the box and aren't the biggest LB's out there. I watch their style a lot and learn from them. They are both physical, quick and instinctive. Gary Brackett of the Colts is another guy I watch a lot and sort of mimic my game after. I watch them to see what they have done to be successful in the NFL because they are very similar to me.

Scott Porter: What is your favorite memory while at Florida?
Dustin Doe: My favorite memory is really every game that I step out on the field. Every game at Florida was a big game playing in the SEC. I will also always remember playing special teams my freshman season. I had 22 special teams tackles on the season and we won the National Championship that year. My junior year I got injured and came back to play. However, the one that will stick out the most to me is coming back that season and winning the National Championship with my teammates. That was very special because we felt that the �06 class won that. That was our class and we had the major impact on it. The �06 Championship was fun, but we didn't have as big of an impact in that game, you had guys like Chris Leak, Ray McDonald, Jarvis Moss and some solid WR's etc that really played a big role in that. They really made the plays. When we won the National Championship my junior season, it was our 2006 class that really won and worked hard for that one.

Scott Porter: What will you miss most about college football?
Dustin Doe: The dedication and camaraderie that all of us players had. They say the NFL is a business and a totally different type of game. Guys go to work in the NFL and have families. At Florida the team is your family, you watch games together, go to class together, go out to eat together all the time. It really is a family-like atmosphere with your teammates. The experiences I had here will be missed and the way we always leaned on each other on and off the field will be missed.

Scott Porter: Who has been your biggest influence throughout your time at Florida?
Dustin Doe: My family. My mom raised my brother and I. She was a single mom. My brother never had the same opportunities that I had to live his dream. Neither of them ever got the chance to go to college so I feel like I am living their dream as well and they are here sharing the moment and memories with me. It has been a great sharing the experience with my mother and my brother. I would also have to say Coach Charlie Strong. He is a life coach. I learned more than just X's and O's from him. He'd always have meetings with us. I always remember him calling his daughter every day before school to tell her to have a good day and talk with her. He had great morals as well as a great family guy. He did more than just coach. I made a mistake and he stayed by my side the entire time. He never quit believing in me or gave up on me. We always called him the glue of the program. If you had trouble in class or off field, family issues or anything you always went to Charlie Strong. He was a great help. Didn't matter if you played on Offense, Defense or were a walk-on, you always went to Charlie and he would always help you through your issue.

Scott Porter: What are your hobbies off the field?
Dustin Doe: I listen to a lot of music. Hip Hop is one of my favorite. I listen to anything from Jack Johnson to Kings of Leon, Gucci Man, Jay Z. I listen to a little of everything and those are some of the current ones I've been listening to lately. I also love cartoons. I have always liked watching cartoons. I also like to do a lot of random stuff. I am not good at bowling or tennis but I love to play them and give them a shot because I have fun with them. Another big hobby of mine is my dog. She is a blue pitbull named Lady. She has been a driving force for me even.

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