Freddie Barnes Interview
By: Ian Kenyon
February 25, 2010
Ian Kenyon: What did it mean to you to be a finalist for the Biletnikoff award? Did you expect it at all?
Freddie Barnes: It meant a lot. It was a big honor just to be up for the award. Making the semi-finalists was a shocker as well. It was pretty cool down there; I just took everything in and met a lot of new people. It was more so great for the University rather than myself. But it was still a great honor to be a part of.

Ian Kenyon: This year you had an incredibly productive season, almost doubled your production from last season. Did you prepare any differently for this season? What do you feel has given you the ability to excel so much this year?
Freddie Barnes: My faith in God. I just did my best to give every issue that I had to Him and whenever I was on the field or just working out extra or feeling like I couldn't go anymore, I just prayed. When I went on that stretch when I had the 22-catch game and I was basically in double digits for a lot of games, I was praying before every play; just because there was so much on me at the time with everyone looking at me to do what I did the week before. I also wanted to have those numbers as well to increase my NFL Draft stock. So there was pressure from both ends, from outside sources and within myself. But, my faith in God helped me to have the season that I had this year.

Ian Kenyon: There's been a lot of positive publicity about you recently with your good showing at the Shrine game along with your overall production this season; were you surprised that you didn't get an invite to the Combine?
Freddie Barnes: As a person, I really wasn't surprised because my whole life I've had to deal with things like this where I feel like I'm supposed to do this or I'm supposed to do that and I don't get it. I talked to the people, they called me, and they said that there weren't enough scouts that voted on me. But I feel like whenever things like that happen, it's still a blessing from God because he can see something coming out in the end better for me. So I just keep my faith in Him alone. I never once got down about it, the only reason I wondered about it is because everyone kept asking me about it. So once I found out that I wasn't invited, I just went back to working out and focusing on that. All of that is out of my control, so I can't really be upset about it, especially after I gave everything I had throughout the season and it's up to them to decide who gets invited.

Ian Kenyon: There have been some questions about your speed, what have you been doing this off-season to prove scouts wrong and answer some of those questions?
Freddie Barnes: Basically just focusing on how to run, and how to run fast and get explosive. I played quarterback my whole life up until my redshirt-freshman year when I started doing other things. Up until then, I really didn't focus on running or running track in high school. So basically I'm getting that type of training by working with sleds and those types of things. I've been training with Tony Vilani from HPE. That's basically all I've been doing, that and lifting and training as a whole.

Ian Kenyon: At Bowling Green you have lined up at QB and even started at QB once as a freshman. Do you feel this gives you an advantage with the "Wildcat" craze going through the NFL right now?
Freddie Barnes: Oh yeah, I did that in college. I definitely have an advantage. I hope a team looks to use me as that person to run that type of show. I'll be more prepared than anybody else since I played quarterback and prepared as a quarterback my whole life. As far as defenses, being able to control the offensive line, and things like that, it gives me a big advantage.

Ian Kenyon: What are your biggest strengths?
Freddie Barnes: My composure, I feel like this past season I was able to make plays in pressure situations in games and it worked out well for us and believing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). So basically saying that I got God in my life, I'm doing what I'm supposed to do and I can do anything on the field. So overall, just my composure and not getting flustered in pressure situations.

Ian Kenyon: Is there an NFL player that reminds you of yourself or who you model your game after?
Freddie Barnes: It's not any NFL player that I see myself as, but there are a lot of them that I want to work towards to be, but the main one would be Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans and his ability to overpower people at times and make plays at will. That's definitely something I want to work toward.

Ian Kenyon: What will you miss most about college?
Freddie Barnes: My teammates, I'll miss my teammates a lot. That's it really. I'm not going to miss classes and all those types of things. I'm not going to miss the coaches, just because I had so many. So it has to be my teammates.

Ian Kenyon: What are some of your hobbies off the field?
Freddie Barnes: I don't have too many hobbies outside of football and sleep. My TV never leaves ESPN; I'm a basketball player as well. I don't play as much now with the preparation for the NFL, but I just like hanging out and being around my friends. I don't have too many hobbies.

Ian Kenyon: As of now, what is your height, weight, and estimated 40 time?
Freddie Barnes: My height was 6'0", my weight was 212, and I don't have a 40 time right now.

Ian Kenyon: Name one player at BGSU that scouts should keep an eye on?
Freddie Barnes: Safety P.J. Mahone.

(September 21, -- Virginia Tech redshirt sophomore RB Ryan Williams is questionable at best for Saturday’s conference opener against Boston College after he injured a hamstring in last weekend’s win over East Carolina. The injury is not believed to be serious even though Williams had to be helped off the field and spent the second half on crutches, however, he has practiced on a limited basis this week.

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