Joique Bell Interview
By: Justin Onslow
February 24, 2010
Justin Onslow: What do you think was the most valuable part of Senior Bowl week and how do you think the Senior Bowl helped you transition toward the NFL?
Joique Bell: The most important part of the Senior Bowl was the practice and being able to go out there and size myself up against the other competition. As far as it making me a better NFL player, getting me ready for the next level, just being able to get a first-hand look at some of the top athletes that will be entering the draft in April. It just gave me a good idea of what the next steps are and how the next level will be.

Justin Onslow: In the past, you've displayed a really good combination of physicality, blocking ability and durability after never missing a start. What do you think is your greatest strength and what do you think you need to improve on?
Joique Bell My greatest strengths are probably my balance and my durability and my vision -- probably those three. One thing I need to work on probably the most, or something I don't do is I probably don't give my body enough time to rest because I'm always up. My trainer tells me it's very important to get your rest, but I'm always willing to work harder and I want to feel like I pushed my teammates to stay late. It's good for competition, but it's also good to back off a little bit and let your body get a rest. But like you said, I'm very durable so I usually don't take breaks. I'm always at it. I'm always doing something.

Justin Onslow: Is there anybody in the league right now that kind of reminds you of yourself?
Joique Bell: Not really. I probably have LT vision, but I can catch the ball out of the backfield. I'm a good route runner and I have very great hands. Just bundle it up. I'm trying to think of a running back that does it all with my size. I want to say [Darren] Sproles, but Sproles is a speedy back with good hands. He's a return specialist. I can do that also. I really can't compare myself to anybody in the league right now, but if I had to compare myself to anybody in the league from the past, that would be Walter Payton, just because he played with a passion and I play with a passion. You can tell when I play that [I'm] real passionate about the game.

Justin Onslow: You've got an invite to the combine, that's going to be a big opportunity for you to show scouts exactly what you can do. Do you have any goals heading into the Combine, specifically?
Joique Bell: Of course you have goals. Some scouts say I run anywhere from a 4.42 to a 4.6. Before I was a 4.59. They averaged me out to be a 4.54 legit back, but I know I'm faster than that, so hopefully at the Combine I can show that speed. I want to run the shuttle in 3.9 or lower. It'd be a great time. I mean, you just go out there and you have goals set right now, but if you see someone in front of you that passed your goal then you have a different goal. You want to beat this goal or beat what they did.

Justin Onslow: You played at Wayne State, Division II. How would you respond to those who might question the level of competition at smaller schools?
Joique Bell: I'd tell them to watch the Senior Bowl practice. That's all I would say. There's nothing I can say. I mean, I'm a football player and I play football. Like you said, at the Senior Bowl, I turned a lot of heads there with me getting to adjust to that competition level. I have no doubt in my mind I can compete at the next level.

Justin Onslow: Is there any particular team in the NFL that you'd love to play for?
Joique Bell: I know it sounds kind of clich� but I'll play for any team willing to take that risk for me to let me come in and perform. I know I'm going to perform. Whichever team is willing to take a chance on me and know that I'm that guy and I'm that kind of player that they want in their franchise.

(September 21, -- Virginia Tech redshirt sophomore RB Ryan Williams is questionable at best for Saturday�s conference opener against Boston College after he injured a hamstring in last weekend�s win over East Carolina. The injury is not believed to be serious even though Williams had to be helped off the field and spent the second half on crutches, however, he has practiced on a limited basis this week.

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