Larry Asante Interview
By: Scott Porter
February 17, 2010
Scott Porter: How would you describe your style of play?
Larry Asante: I would describe my style of play as violent. I am a violent football player. I am aggressive and make plays. I would also consider myself a smart player who understands the game.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?
Larry Asante: First and foremost, my goal is to be a starting safety on an NFL team. I want to help a team win a Super Bowl. I want to be the best player I can be and maximize my talent. I will get the best of my ability.

Scott Porter: What NFL player reminds you of yourself?
Larry Asante: Brian Dawkins of the Denver Broncos.

Scott Porter: What will you miss most about college football?
Larry Asante: I will miss the locker room, my teammates. The coaching staff at Nebraska, as well as the fans at Nebraska who have supported us. Playing football at Nebraska was very special to me. It was a great experience for me. I went into Nebraska thinking I was just going there to be a football player, developing my talent and then go onto the NFL, but I left Nebraska a better person. Nebraska made me a much better man when I left. It was a great experience for me and changed me.

Scott Porter: Who has been your biggest influence?
Larry Asante: My biggest influence has been my mom because of her hard work. She pretty much supported the family and I drew my strength from her. She was a very strong woman.

Scott Porter: What hobbies do you have off the field?
Larry Asante: I really do not have a lot of hobbies but I can tell you this. I have a passion off the field and use it on the field to be close to Jesus Christ as much as possible. I have gained more wisdom through the book of life. I am constantly devoting time and constantly praying. It has become a big passion of mine.

Scott Porter: What do you look forward to the most about playing in the NFL?
Larry Asante: Well, I think my first game in the NFL will be as nerve-racking as my first game at the college level. I am looking forward to the chance to compete with and against the best of the best. I am looking forward to letting my talent hang out and putting it up against the elite level.

Scott Porter: What is your favorite memory while playing football at Nebraska?
Larry Asante: I would have to go with Senior Night and the Holiday Bowl. Senior Night was emotional and winning that game to play in the Big 12 Championship was very special. It was nice helping out a program head in the right direction again. Shutting out Arizona in the Holiday Bowl was also very special. It was the first shutout in Holiday Bowl history, and it was my final game at Nebraska.

Scott Porter: What will you be doing from now until draft day to prepare yourself for the NFL?
Larry Asante: Right now, I am training in Houston for the NFL Combine. After that, I will come back to Nebraska for awhile and train some more for pro day. Then I am going to finish up classes while I train here and then head back to Houston and train some more. I am going to head back home a week or two before the draft and sit down with my family and wait for my name to be called.

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