Levi Brown Interview
By: Scott Porter
March 1, 2010
Scott Porter: Troy has been a very successful program the last few years or so, what would you point to as the biggest reasons for their success?
Levi Brown: I think our coaches do a great job of recruiting. The last several years our talent level at Troy has been as good or better than it has ever been. Obviously, that makes it easy to win games. This year we have four players invited to the NFL Combine, which is the most Troy has ever had. We also have several other players that will get a shot in the NFL.

Scott Porter: What are your biggest strengths on the field?
Levi Brown: My greatest strengths on the field are my accuracy and my football intelligence. I make good decisions and do not turn the ball over very often. This comes from preparation during the week. As a QB, much of my success comes from being mentally prepared for a game. This includes good practice habits and tons of film watching. During a game, I usually know what is going to happen before the ball is even snapped. The combination of my mental preparation and accuracy has made me very successful on the field over the past two years.

Scott Porter: What is the toughest part about playing QB in your opinion?
Levi Brown: The toughest part of playing QB is also the most important part... the mental preparation. Obviously, it is important to have accuracy and a good arm, but the most important part of playing QB is in your head. It takes hours and hours of watching film to get to the point where you know exactly what the defense will do before they even do it. However, when you get to this point, success is soon to follow.

Scott Porter: What goals do you have for the NFL?
Levi Brown: My goals for the NFL include being a starting QB within a few years... and winning. Simply being a starting QB is not enough for me. When I am starting, I want to win.

Scott Porter: What area of your game would you like to improve on the most to make yourself a better QB?
Levi Brown: Right now, the area I need the most work in is playing QB from under center. The last two years at Troy I have played mostly out of the shotgun. In the NFL I'll likely be under center a majority of the time. I have been under center quite a bit in my past. My first two years of college I played at the University of Richmond and worked from under center most of the time. For me, it is just an issue of doing it enough to feel comfortable with it again. I have been working from under center ever since we finished our season and I already feel comfortable with it again. However, I am still working hard at it to improve as much as possible.

Scott Porter: What are your biggest football accomplishments?
Levi Brown: I am proud of several accomplishments from my past two seasons. In 2008, Troy won the conference championship outright, which is the first time we had accomplished that. We had won it the previous two years, but had to share the title both times. In 2009, we went through the conference with a perfect 8-0 record, which was another first for Troy. I'm proud to have been the QB of the first Troy team to win the championship outright, and the first Troy team to win the championship undefeated in conference play. Also, I'm proud of the awards I have won in the last two years. In 2008, I was elected Sun Belt Newcomer of the Year, and in 2009 I was elected Sun Belt Player of the Year, Sun Belt Offensive Player of the Year, Sun Belt 1st Team All Conference, and I was selected as the Alabama College Player of the Year. This was a huge honor for me because I was selected over many of the great players at SEC greats Auburn and Alabama. Finally, I set both school and Sun Belt Records by throwing for 4,254 yards this year.

Scott Porter: What type of player and person is an NFL team getting in Levi Brown?
Levi Brown: As a player I am a great teammate. I am easy to get along with and I am a great leader. I will not be outworked, and I will be a successful QB in the NFL. As a person I am someone with a sincere desire to help those who are less fortunate. I have a passion to help under-privileged kids and will certainly work to help the kids of the city for whichever NFL team I end up playing for. I am concerned more with helping others than with buying as many materialistic things as possible for myself.

Scott Porter: What will be the toughest part about going from college to the NFL level in terms of adjustments you will have to make?
Levi Brown: I'm sure the speed of the game will drastically increase. Going from high school to college there was a huge difference, and I'm sure I will experience the same thing as I enter the NFL. Also, I know the offenses will be much more complex. However, I am an intelligent guy capable of learning quickly, and I am willing to put forth the effort needed to learn a new offense.

Scott Porter: What is something about Levi Brown that most people do not know?
Levi Brown: The thing most people do not know about me is that my biggest passion is to help kids in Africa, especially in Darfur/Sudan, Uganda, and the Congo. I am majoring in political science and I have read several books and written several papers about the atrocities occurring in Africa. There is genocide, mass rape, torture, and abuses of every imaginable type. Children are abducted every day and forced to serve as child soldiers where they are made to murder innocent villagers, sometimes even their own families. Most of the world is unaware of these things and it is my goal to raise awareness and do what I can to help the children in Africa that are so drastically affected by these problems.

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