Matt Mayberry Interview
By: Scott Porter
December 5, 2009
Scott Porter: What do you feel are your biggest strengths?
Matt Mayberry: My work ethic and speed. I like to think and approach each and every day like it is my last and that no one else in the country is working harder than me! I played RB in HS and switched to LB in college so my unlimited amount of room to grow really is an upside and use it to my advantage. My passion for the game of football really is strength as well because I love this game and would never want to do anything else!

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the next few years?
Matt Mayberry: To establish myself as a great all around NFL player. I can play special teams and make an impact on a team at LB! I just want to really help a team and whatever team decides to give me a shot, I will take full advantage of it!

Scott Porter: Is there a player in the NFL that reminds you of yourself?
Matt Mayberry: Most recently Aaron Curry from Wake Forest. He really is a great player who is physical and uses his speed to the fullest. His passion for the game is excellent as well. I would say him and Patrick Willis.

Scott Porter: What type of character is an NFL team getting in Matt Mayberry?
Matt Mayberry: Great character with very high morals. I will work my butt off everyday and come to work with a smile on my face ready to better a team! Listen to my coaches and use my ability to the fullest trying to get better everyday.

Scott Porter: What is your favorite memory while playing college football?
Matt Mayberry: Making all of the great friends I did! I miss the team right now as we speak! It was unbelievable the relationships that I made and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

Scott Porter: Who has been your biggest influence?
Matt Mayberry: My parents and Kevin Kasper! My parents taught me everything I know from discipline to great morals and respect while Kasper, who played at Iowa and long NFL career really is my mentor and taught me so much about the game and preparing my body for each and every game.

Scott Porter: What will your miss most about college football?
Matt Mayberry: Being in the locker room with all of the guys and just missing some of my good friends really. I will miss the overall college life as a whole. It was a great four years of my life and don't regret one bit about coming to IU.

Scott Porter: What are your hobbies off the field?
Matt Mayberry: With the little downtime I have because I am constantly trying to get better, I like to watch movies. I am a big movie guy! I personally don't have much down time from working out, diet, film, and technique my down time is really limited.

Scott Porter: What will you are doing from not until NFL draft time to prepare yourself?
Matt Mayberry: I haven't finalized anything as of now, but I will be finishing off the semester at IU and be training there for a while and still deciding on a few places to go train for a little bit to gain my knowledge and to get away for a little bit.

Scott Porter: Did you have a favorite player and team growing up?
Matt Mayberry: Walter Payton hands down! I still love him to this day. He was a true inspiration and no one worked harder than him. The way he played the game really changed my perspective about the game of football! Walter Payton is definitely a huge impact on my life growing up!

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