Niles Paul Interview
By: Scott Porter
October 15, 2010
Scott Porter: What will you miss most about playing college football?
Niles Paul: I will really miss the fun times I have had playing college football. From all the memories with my teammates and the friends I have made at Nebraska. I will miss college football because the NFL is more of a business and I understand that but college football seems more relaxed. My uncle played in the NFL for several years and he said to be prepared for a business-like league in the NFL opposed to the more relaxed college level. I will miss having fun on Saturday's and preparing for those big rivalry games.

Scott Porter: What will be the hardest adjustment from the college level to the pro level?
Niles Paul: The speed of the game. It is hard to pick up the speed of the game from the high school to the college level, so picking it up from college to pro will be a tough task. The NFL is a much faster league and it is another big step.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your biggest strengths?
Niles Paul: I would say my physicality. I am very aggressive and strong. I think of myself as one of the strongest if not the strongest WR in college football. I have a great ability to adjust to the ball as well.

Scott Porter: What NFL player reminds you of yourself?
Niles Paul: Anquan Boldin of the Ravens, because he is so strong, big and physical. My game is exactly like his. I hope to reach his level.

Scott Porter: What kind of a person is an NFL team getting in Niles Paul?
Niles Paul: They are getting a guy who gives 100 percent on each and every play, each and every game and each and every practice. I give 100 percent effort no matter what. I practice and play with a lot of heart, I try to be the closest thing to perfect as there can be.

Scott Porter: What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment at Nebraska while playing football?
Niles Paul: I feel one of the greatest accomplishments for my team's sake was overcoming a lot of adversity. The example of this would be the Missouri game, down 12-0 and we came back and won a tough game that we had to win. I was very proud of the team and we fought hard and came back to win that game.

Scott Porter: What are you most looking forward to in your quest towards the NFL?
Niles Paul: The new challenge. I love a challenge and I am ready for it. This is a higher step up for me and every player wants to get there. I am more than willing to take on this challenge and I can't wait for it to be there.

Scott Porter: What are your goals at the next level?
Niles Paul: I haven't really thought that far ahead because I am looking at the present and going from there. I just want to focus on this season and Nebraska football right now before I put too many goals down. I just want to be the best player I can be.

Scott Porter: What hobbies do you have off the field?
Niles Paul: I love playing basketball. I really thought I would be playing basketball over football in college. I watch a lot of movies.

Scott Porter: Did you have a favorite team and player as a kid?
Niles Paul: My uncle is former Seahawks and Packers RB Ahman Green, so he was my favorite player and I ended up watching a lot of the Packers because of that.

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