2013 Mock Draft - Minnesota Vikings
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4. Minnesota Vikings
Tyler Wilson - QB
Official School Bio
University of Arkansas
Christian Ponder showed just enough in 2012 to earn another chance this season. Given the fourth overall projection for next year's draft, we're banking on Ponder not doing quite enough to get another. If Adrian Peterson returns to full strength and plays like the AD of old, Ponder's job may be safe another year. But a lot has to go right. Worst case scenario, the Vikings land the second best quarterback in the draft and have options heading into the 2013-14 season. Not a bad situation for a team in serious need of a more potent passing game moving forward in a division with the likes of Matt Stafford, Aaron Rogers and Jay Cutler.
Also Considered:
  • Round 2 - #36: Terrance Williams - WR - Baylor
  • Round 3 - #68: Jordan Poyer - CB - Oregon State