2013 Mock Draft - Seattle Seahawks
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10. Seattle Seahawks
Tyler Bray - QB
Official School Bio
University of Tennessee
The Seahawks continue to stockpile marginal quarterback prospects. Tarvaris Jackson, Charlie Whitehurst, Matt Flynn, and Russell Wilson have all been brought in over the past three years. Though the jury is still out on Flynn and Wilson, neither are top-tier quarterback prospects and in this league, wins and losses are often driven by quarterback play. Tyler Bray has an extremely high ceiling and would be able to right the ship in Seattle. He's got ideal size at 6'6 and a strong, accurate arm. If Bray stays healthy this year, he would be a steal here at number ten. The Seahawks could also look at upgrading their offensive line, but may not spend a top pick on one after investing heavily in Russell Okung and James Carpenter the past few years.
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