Senior Bowl: Chan Gailey Press Conference (Thursday)
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 27, 2011
Chan Gailey
On Marcus Gilbert and Von Miller: Gilbert's out. He's not going to be able to play. That injury sustained to his toe is just... we're not going to take a chance on that. I think Von will be fine. I think it was a minor problem and he'll be back in the walk through tomorrow.

On the difference between practices and the game: For me, it's very similar to walking into the first preseason game with your rookies. You go in and see if what you have been coaching these guys, can they take that into a game-type situation? We've been able to see them take it into practice. Now, can they take it into a game-type situation where there will be tons of people watching, and the lights are on... and here we go. That's what we're looking for. I think that's the advantage we have as the coaches of the game. Some other coaching staff watches the game two weeks from now, they watch the game and watch a guy play but they don't know exactly what we've asked him to do and what his responsibility is. We know that, what we've asked him to do and we can tell whether he's doing it right or wrong. Did he absorb what we were teaching and put it into play? Can he do that or can't he do that?

On Thursday's South practice: It's a typical no pads practice. I thought that they did ok. They've got to learn to play faster with no pads on in practice. That's something that you have to learn to do when you get to the NFL, because with a 20-game season, it's hard to go out in pads as much as you might in college. So, you have to learn how to practice well without pads on. But assignment-wise, not bad. Hopefully we'll finish up in the walk through tomorrow and clean some things up from today's practice and they'll be ready to go on Saturday.

On learning how to practice in the NFL: Well, it's kind of hard for me to answer that because I tried to run my practices in college like I did in the NFL, very similar. But I hear other college coaches talking and I don't see them practice at all, but I hear players come in and they talk about how different it is. There's a lot more reps in college than in the pros. But the speed of the game is not the same for every snap. Every snap is vital in pros because you don't get that many. There's not that many different. You don't have two sets of offenses that go out there and run against a defense. I think that you have to learn to maximize every snap more so in the pros than you do in college.

On evaluating seniors and juniors for the draft: What we have basically done is be able to take probably a week and a half's worth of film or it may be two week's worth of film where we condense it into one week of working with these guys. And then, now you kind of pick up where we have an evaluation these guys now. Now it's time to go onto the next group of people whoever they are. There's some other seniors out there that aren't here, and then the juniors that have declared, we have got to evaluate those as well. So we have got plenty to do. It's not like we're hunting things to work on.

Allen Bailey
On Allen Bailey's best fit: I don't know. I think that's a good question. I think we get caught up in saying, "Is this guy a 3-4 guy? Is he a 4-3 guy?" Football players are football players. If they're a good football player, I'll move somebody around to make sure he gets on the field. We'll adjust something to make sure he gets on the football field if the guy's a great football player. Because we're going to get the best guys on the field that help you win. I think sometimes we get caught up in the 3-4/4-3 thing. So many teams now are hybrid anyway. You do a four-man front if you have to do that and you play just enough 3-4 to make people mad. That kind of stuff. That's sort of where things are going with a lot of teams right now.

James Carpenter
On Gilbert and James Carpenter: Gilbert got hurt. He was doing well before he got hurt. I think the other guy you mentioned is going to need some continued work. He knows what to do. Technically, he's very sound. The speed of the game -- every snap -- is what gets all of them. They're not used to playing against these great guys every snap. That's what guys have got to get used to is playing against that speed rush. They didn't allow anybody to twist or anything this week. When they start adding that in with those fast guys, you have your hands full. He's got talent, and he'll have a chance.

On Dave Wannstedt: [He brings] a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of experience. He is a great team guy. When he and I talked, I told him exactly what I would hope that he would bring to our staff and our organization, and that kind of fell in line with what he was looking for. So I think it's going to be a win-win situation for everybody.

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