Senior Bowl: D.J. Williams Press Conference
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 27, 2011
D.J. Williams
On playing other positions: I'd be willing to. That's something I'm used to with [Bobby] Petrino's offense. He runs that NFL type style offense. For him, to be a tight end in his position, you got to be willing to be a tight end [to] put your hand in the dirt and block. You have be that motions guy, be able to create mismatches. Go out to a slot receiver, come in at fullback, lead block, and maybe take a handoff every once in a while. I'm a very versatile player, I would say, and all that's due to playing for coach Petrino for three years.

On using last year's rookie tight ends' success as motivation: It's very exciting. I think that, I'm guessing, it would be attractive for other coaches or GMs to look at the production that these tight ends have made. I was reading Sports Illustrated magazine the other day and they had a full article just on H-backs and I was like, "That's what I'm talking about." That's like my little expertise right there. A lot of people may give me criticism about how big I am. I never thought I was going to have an issue with my size. I got joked around once, every time somebody meets me they always say, "You look a lot bigger on TV." And I'm always like, "I'm not sure how to take that." Coach told me one time that when they say that, that must mean you play big. And I feel like I work hard and on Saturdays I play with an attitude. I don't feel like I'm the little guy out there. I just play hard and play fast and so far it's worked out good for me.

On his 40-time at the combine: Hopefully a 4.2 like Titus. I've ran a 4.52 on the track, though it was laser timed, so take a little bit of time off that on turf. That was in the spring last year. With hard work, I'm with [a trainer] out in North Miami, and he's had some of the fastest guys. He's had Bruce Campbell. He had Johnny Knox. Those guys, in their positions, have been putting out good times, so I'm hoping that helps, so maybe I can hit a 4.2 if I'm lucky.

On his workout: He works real good on building on, obviously, the legs muscles and he works on turnover. He hooks you up to all kinds of stuff where you're not actually moving. You just work on your technique and getting turnover. Because a lot of people have that good stride. I'm a player that's probably going to use my stride more than how many steps I get in. It's how fast I get to each next step, and he's done a great job with that. He's very intense. He works us very hard. I think there's six players here that are working out with Pete right now, so it's looking pretty good.

On strengths of playing position: I think that's obviously catching the football. I've always been taught if it touches your hands and you drop it, it's your fault no matter what kind of pass it is. So I take pride in catching anything in my vicinity. I want to say that's the obvious one, but I really want to show the versatility aspect of it. Not just being able to catch the football. Being able to line up anywhere on the field and hopefully perform, even if it's from the Wildcat package. I can throw that.

On improving on his game: Technique, I would say. They do have a point with saying I do have an opportunity to put my hand in the dirt and look across the line of scrimmage at Jared Allen, and Jared Allen is looking right at my face. I'm like, "Ok, now we have got to get down to work." He's obviously bigger, stronger, faster. A lot of people that play defensive end have those intangibles over me. So I have to work on my part, getting to my technique faster than they can. I'm taking a better first step, getting pad level, working leverage. That's all coaching and I've so far been a coachable player, at least that's what coach Petrino said. And usually when he says something, most of the time it's right. So I've learned.

On the position he thought he'd play in college: It was Houston Nutt that recruited me, and Peyton Hillis was there at the time. And I thought I was going to be in that Peyton Hillis role. He was kind of the running back, slash tight end, slash slot, H-back. Pretty much what I'm doing now. That was attractive to me. That's pretty much outside of that and being from the state of Arkansas --the best state in America-- which made me go to the University.

On liking the role of playing H-back: Usually [growing up] it's quarterback. That's pretty much all you get. Maybe a running back or receiver every once in a while. But hopefully one day I'll have a stud little child dominating playgrounds and he'll say, "I want to be an H-back." And hopefully that will rub off across the country.

What made him enjoy playing his role so much: It's hard to say. I think I'm too big to be out there to be a receiver. I'm too small to be an offensive lineman. I think I'm just perfect to be right in between with the H-back and pretty much a tight end. That's exactly what it is, a half-breed. I've watched "Blade" with Wesley Snipes. He's a vampire killer. He calls himself "a Daywalker." The best of both worlds -- all their strengths and none of their weaknesses. And I feel like that's what a tight end is. And I'm mixed so that kind of goes with the mixed-breed kind of thing.

On his black Buffalo Bills t-shirt: They gave it to us. I actually wanted a red one, but this black one's been getting a lot of good compliments. I look good in it. Trying to be like Titus [Young]. He wasn't kidding about looking good either. We were getting our equipment passed out, and I was behind him in line, and everybody else was in and out in about ten minutes. I was in there for about 45 minutes, because he needed two pair of gloves -- one blue and one red. He needed spat [cleat cover]. It had to be red. You should see him getting a spat job. He makes sure it looks good.

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