Senior Bowl: Marvin Lewis Press Conference (Thursday)
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 27, 2011
Marvin Lewis
Opening Statement: It was a good finish to practice today. The thing that was good today was we got into some situational football with the red zone work, the short yardage, goal line, and then as we got down and worked kind of a one minute offense at the end of half so I thought it was a really good day. I think the guys were relieved to kind of be through the hard work with the pads and take the shoulder pads off today and kind of fine tune some things tomorrow and then have at it on Saturday afternoon. It's been a really good week, I've been really pleased with our players and how they've picked things up, both their attitude, their learning, their work, their competitiveness, being physical and all the things we tried to ask and I think it has been a really good week of that.

Nate Solder
On competitiveness of Nate Solder and Jeremy Beal: I think those two were used to going against each other when it's live action in the Big 12 games. It's really going to be part of these guys' maturation as they move into the NFL, learning how to practice a little bit. They are used to being the big man on campus, or other words you can use, and you know when you get to the NFL, both sides have big men on campus and you have to be able to work together. You don't want to have unnecessary collisions and things like that can occur with people going at different tempos.

On QBs in red zone situations: I think they learned some things, that the field shortens down there and the ball has to get up and down quickly. As you go through the tape it's good learning for them to have the meetings this afternoon and take a look at it and see what and why.

Colin Kaepernick
On Colin Kaepernick: I think Colin has had a really good week. I think this has been a great showcase for him, a great opportunity for him to come out here and get under center like an NFL quarterback and doing the things, be in the �gun and have the movement, things he's done. He really dropped a nice ball in there today on a boot, naked. I think showed some touch on that getting the ball out over the defender and drop it in there on the sideline. He'll have some perception adjustment, no doubt, or he won't last long.

Kendric Burney
On Kendric Burney: He's had a good week, I think he's learning that you have to stay in that pedal in the National Football League and be able to continue to keep that cushion and then break and drive in transition so that has been good for him this week.

On DL transition from college to pros: That the guy across from you, generally, a lot of times, is just as big and just as strong and just as athletic as you are. And being able to get a half-man advantage and work hips and turns to gain an advantage.

On difference between practices and games: The intensity of having to finish a play, having to finish a block, finish a tackle, getting the ball carrier on the ground. Not turning the football over offensively, but those are the things that coming into this game is getting out and tackling. We don't tackle in practice and I think that's the competitive nature of this game when it comes to Saturday afternoon.

On scouting during the game: Well yeah, the people are going to look at the game. The guys at home will take a peak at it on TV and see that. See if some of the things bear true. I think it's probably been invariable that guys that have maybe been a little bit quieter during the week come out and have a big day come the game.

On showcasing talent vs. winning: I tried to tell the guys today that the winning team got this much, and the losers got nothing and they didn't buy it. But no, I think our focus that way is to get everybody rolled through the game and try to even out the snaps as best we can that way and let it kind of take care of itself.

On three North OT 6-7 or taller: It's getting to be a big man's game. But these guys are good knee benders and I think that's key and that's what it's going to have to take sometimes. Because you're playing against a guy that maybe has a little lower center of gravity, lower leverage and as a rusher or a defender verse the running game so being able to drop the pads as a knee bender is very important.

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