Senior Bowl: Ryan Kerrigan Press Conference
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 27, 2011
Ryan Kerrigan
On playing Big 10 OTs: Well, it certainly doesn't compare to what I've experienced here with Solder, Castonzo and Carimi, those guys are phenomenal players. I played against Carimi a couple of times in college, and he's a heck of a player, as are the rest of the tackles that are here, and it's really a good measuring stick to be able to see how I stack up against those guys and it's been fun to be able to play against them this week.

On where he needs to improve: Work on my pass rushing a little bit more, add a few more moves and develop a few more moves to allow me to get by the blocker. I feel like in the run game I need to shed blockers quicker, I think I do a good job of walking out on blockers and getting separation but I feel like I need to shed them quicker sometimes. I guess it's just repetition and practice, you've just got to work on doing it and get better at it every day but it's something that only practice will help you get better at.

On his go-to move: I can't give away my secrets, now. It's any number of things, it depends on the situation, sometimes you want to bull rush a guy and go right through them, other times you just want to knock their hands down and get on the edge. It's all about the timing and the situation and the opponent you're going against.

On moving to LB: I certainly would (be willing to make the move), I want to be available to all 32 teams and not just half of them. It would take a lot of work to be able to play that position, it's a lot different than a 4-3 defensive end position but it's a switch I'd be willing to make and whatever a team wants me to do I'd be willing to do it.

On this week so far: I think it's been a good week of practice for everybody, but there are a few things I'd still like to work on. Looking forward to the game on Saturday to put a cap on the week and hopefully get a win.

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