Senior Bowl: Titus Young Press Conference
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 27, 2011
Titus Young
Opening Statement: Haven't played a game since December 22, first and foremost the most important thing is looking good, have to find out what to pick out from the stores to look good for this game... No, I'm just playin'. It's my last game playing with Austin Pettis, something personal to me and I feel like it can be a great show. We just got word that it will be me and him starting the game off so it will be like we're back in Boise. Very excited, very grateful to be here and it's a big honor being on the podium right now speaking for the North team.

On Boise memories: That's a tough question, I have a lot of good memories. The Nevada game, even losing as a senior, we all had a big goal of going out as champions but the Lord didn't plan it out that way. I didn't lose for almost two years in a row, finally know what it felt like to lose. That's football. Hopefully, we can come out victorious this Saturday against the South team.

Austin Pettis
On having Austin Pettis here: He's definitely helped me with the plays, I'm always nagging on him and I guess he catches on a little bit better than me as far as formations and things like that. I sit next to him in meetings or in the huddle I'll ask him a couple questions when the coach isn't looking. I'm very excited to be in the huddle with him again on Saturday.

On TD celebration (if he scores): No touchdown celebration, I don't need any more penalties. Had a couple of those my junior year, learned my lesson from that. I'll celebrate with my teammates on the sideline, if the Lord's willing and I do score. Sorry if I didn't give you an exciting answer.

On off-season after Saturday: I'll go back to California, spend some time with my family on the weekend and part of Sunday, get back to training on Monday at Elite in Calabasas, California. I'll be there until the combine, training with Maurice Greene, world class sprinter. I've got a lot of goals for the combine coming up in February.

On Maurice Greene: He never played football before, I always joke with him about that. I told him he can be as fast as he wants to but he never put on the shoulder pads and helmet. But he's definitely good at what he does, with the starts and sprinter stance and technique, I feel like I'm more of a natural runner but with his coaching and experience I feel like he can cut my down a little bit in the 40, so I'm very grateful and happy to be able to train with him. The sky is the limit [on how much he can help], I don't know exactly but I know he can help me a lot. Hopefully you guys pray for me during that time and hopefully he can a whole tenth of a second, that would be nice.

On the combine: I'm hoping to run a 4.2. I've ran a 4.35, my fastest time -- but I didn't have the technique or anything like that. God has blessed me with a lot of God given talent, speed being part of it, so hopefully I can keep on running and run a little bit faster. In a 40 stance it's more of keeping a lot of stuff compact and getting a good initial burst. [Bills WR coach Mike] Sheppard has been doing a good job with us in getting off the line of scrimmage this week and how important timing is with quarterbacks so I can definitely take that and translate it to the football field.

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