Senior Bowl: Leonard Hankerson Press Conference
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 25, 2011
Leonard Hankerson
Opening Statement: This week has been going great. It's a honor to be here at the Senior Bowl, having fun and bonding with the other guys, going out and making plays for the South team and competing with the other guys.

On South QBs: All three quarterbacks the whole week have been throwing a good ball. Run good routes and the quarterback is putting the ball in the area. As a receiver, go get the ball like we should.

On drops in practice: Just have to keep focusing on the ball, not trying to run before I get the ball. Get my hands ready, and catch it.

On the goals he's set for this week: I just want to come here and get better, help the South team and represent the University of Miami well. Have fun, bond with the other guys and make plays.

Speed prediction at NFL combine: My goal is to get a low-4.4-40. I've been working hard since December 31 [the last game] at Aventura with Pete Bommarito and all the other guys down there, working on the speed and everything else, just trying to get better.

On South WRs: All the guys have been playing well. We've all been working and competing with each other, high-fiving after we make a play, getting on each other -- telling everyone "let's go," lets work hard -- let's catch these balls, running routes, it's been fun working with these new guys other than the guys we had at the University of Miami.

On South CBs: I haven't really studied anyone here, this week is more about getting off the line hard and focusing on your technique. Knowing the defense is going to try to get their hands on you, but if you push off the line they have no choice but to back up. Once they back up and you stop, you're open. But they've all been playing well this week, they haven't been pressing us at all, so it's hard to tell who's been the best, but they're doing a good job in coverage and everyone has been competing and having fun.

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(January 28) -- The week of Senior Bowl practices are over, but more coverage is on the way. We have posted notes and observations from both the North and South Thursday practices as well as transcripts from the Thursday press conferences. Also posted is a Week in Review from the week's practices. Refer to the tabs above for full coverage. We'll have all the action coming to you from Saturday's game as well.

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