Senior Bowl: Marvin Lewis Press Conference (Tuesday)
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 25, 2011
Marvin Lewis
Opening Statement: Well, it's been a good start with the two practices we've had thus far. I've really been impressed with our guys physically; I think they've done a nice job of being physical on the practice field with the pads on and got back into the swing of football very quickly. I think as far as the things that you're looking for as far as taking care of the football, we've done a decent job of that. We have to keep continuing with that as we go. We have guys that are playing guard that were tackles and swinging in and out of positions, guards into center, particularly on the offensive line group and that's been a little different for some of those guys. I think as far we go forward them getting comfortable, we're going to try to rotate three different groups of offensive linemen through the game so guys will be swinging inside and outside at the positions so that will show them versatility in their ability to learn and pick up things.

On South RB & pass catching ability: It's a little bit harder when you get into the game. Drill wise, they're getting a good opportunity to show what they can do in practice. We've had a one-on-one period with the backs and linebackers, we'll get another one on Thursday when we don't have the full pads on to try to showcase those guys and show what they can do catching the football from the backfield. But we got some things in the game plan that will allow them to get the ball and hopefully show some of those skills and talents that they do have.

Colin Kaepernick
On Colin Kaepernick: I think Colin has come in and done a nice job. He hadn't taken a lot of snaps under center in his career over there at Reno and growing up in the Big Sky like I did, I still call it Reno. I think he has adjusted well to that, taking the snaps, getting the footwork down, from taking the football from under center and going from there. I think the thing that has impressed me in the two practices, we've had free runners come through and Colin has been able to move around them and be able to focus and be able to deliver the football downfield which is part of playing football in the National Football League. His pocket presence, ability to move around in the pocket and he's done a nice job of that, keeping the ball high, and being able to work and focus it and get it delivered down field.

Greg Jones
On Greg Jones: Well, I think Greg has had a very productive career. His opportunity as he goes forward will be because his innateness inline and so forth. I think as he goes and whatever team ends up with Greg, they'll be able to coach him in the things they're doing. Might be slightly different than what he did in college, but he's a guy who will be smart enough, he's got the athleticism, he's got the hip explosion to play well at the next level.

On Dane Sanzenbacher, roster addition: He came in, hits the field running. Obviously he's very willing and I think as the week goes on he'll pick things up very quickly and he'll feel like he's been here from the start.

Jake Locker
On Jake Locker: I think Jake has a great personality. You can see his ability to lead and why he's been a successful quarterback in his career there. I think he's very outward and vocal and I think he's done a nice job too. I think all three of our quarterbacks, I've been impressed with them, and their ability to stand in the pocket and throw the football and I think as the week goes on and we get into the game on Saturday, that'll be fun to see those guys.

Offensive Scheme: Well, because you're trying to do things, we're not necessarily running our offense, we're trying to do things here that enable these guys to show what they can do. We're not installing for us to move forward because our minicamp playbook is an extension of where we go once the veterans hit and we'll start from scratch. This is more what you're looking for to give these guys an opportunity, compete, and go out here and play fast come Saturday.

Gabe Carimi
On Game Carimi, OT/OG: Well, he's played at both spots. As he goes forward we'll see where teams see him fitting in. He's going to have a chance to play both tackle and guard. That's something that I think, as you know, as we evaluate linemen and we look at them, and trying to fit where they'll fit best in the National Football League and by doing both of these things here, he'll show some flexibility in that.

On Brandon Fusco: [Adjust Coaching Philosophy for a D2 guy] No, I think Chan already answered that question with you guys. The fact that these guys have been selected to be here are showing the opportunity that they can play, the opportunity to play in the National Football League or they wouldn't be here. I think obviously guys are further in aspects than others, but this is fundamental enough, the opportunity to learn and move forward and the things we're talking about, the details of coaching, we're talking about hand placement and footwork, and hips and things like that. We might be more technique oriented and really more focused on that than some of the guys have ever heard and that's what I think that's what comes from a guy who maybe played at the D2 level, depending on the level of coaching, and I can't speak to that.

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