Senior Bowl: Sam Acho Press Conference
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 25, 2011
Sam Acho
Opening Statement: This work has been going really well. It's been a lot of fun to be able to compete with all the guys out here, some of the best athletes and players in college football. Who wouldn't want a chance to compete against those guys? I'm having fun and working hard, everybody on the South team, and I'm sure the North team as well, is working as hard as they can to compete and try to win the game.

On Alabama's James Carpenter: Yeah, he's a great player, I played against him two years ago in the National Championship game, he's a big offensive lineman, strong guy, got a good base under him, he's going to be a great player moving forward. He was probably the best offensive lineman I faced today, but every day someone steps up and a different guy will do better.

On the awards he's won, and which he's most proud of: I'm honestly most proud to be here and be a part of the Senior Bowl. I won a lot of awards both off the field and on the field, but this is what it's all about -- being able to play against the top talent nationwide and to showcase your skills in front of every NFL team (scouts, coaches, general managers). I'm honored to be here and humbled to represent the University of Texas:

On transition to a stand-up linebacker: I'm definitely prepared to make the switch [to stand-up linebacker]. There are a lot of 3-4 teams as well as 4-3 teams in the league, so depending on which team picks me I may have to make that transition. I played that position my first two years at Texas so I'm comfortable with it, and I'm training at Ignition in Florida (Naples) and I've been working on dropping back in coverage and rushing from a two-point stance so I'm ready for the transition.

On replacing Brian Orakpo: At Texas we say tradition never graduates. We have great players in and out, one guy might graduate and another has to step in, thankfully I was able to step in after Orakpo and fill his shoes and play that role. We had great players alongside me like Sergio Kindle, Lamarr Houston, Earl Thomas, Roddrick Muckelroy, all guys that are doing really well in the NFL right now. So it was a team effort, we had a lot of great guys on that team so that made it a lot easier.

On the 1-on-1 drills in practice: It's been fun, that's what I love, is rushing the passer and trying to get to the quarterback, whether it's a sack or a forced fumble. Yesterday, we got some 1-on-1's and I was showcasing the speed, today we were working more on a specific pass rush move and that's why [James] Carpenter got me once or twice. That's what I love to do, being able to work 1-on-1 and work on my pass rush moves against some of the top talent in college.

On his high number of FF/FR: I attribute that to relentless effort to the ball, that's what we're taught at Texas. This year I think I had five fumble recoveries and six forced fumbles; last year, it was five and four (Editor's Note: 5/5, 2/4). That's how I play, with a motor that never stops, and relentless effort to the ball. I recovered one yesterday [in practice], but I missed one today, so I'll have to get that one back tomorrow.

On team struggles this past season: Yeah, we had a rough season, we didn't do as well as we thought we would do. Everyone wants to point at one thing or another, it may have been some residue after playing in the National Championship and living out a dream -- any football player should dream of that -- but I'm excited for the guys this year. They've already started spring practices and I'm excited for that team.

On Will Muschamp to Florida: They can expect the best. Coach Muschamp is a good friend of mine and a great guy. I read something online about doing things the Florida way, and he carried that same standard when he was at Auburn and Texas. I'm happy for him, and they're going to do well.

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