Senior Bowl: Cameron Jordan Press Conference
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 26, 2011
Cameron Jordan
Opening Statement: This week is going alright, I've had a great three days. I've enjoyed the experience I'm having in Mobile, I'm enjoying going against great tackles and guards from across the nation. I think I've done already.

On his dad's background, and how its helped: He gives me advice, that's the greatest thing he's given me since the day I was born but even moreso in the last four of five years pertaining to football. He's given me everything from getting past the tight end (because, of course, he was one), and he's always trying to give me simple little techniques that helped defensive ends get past him. I sort of make fun of him, because he was 260 [pounds] at the time and I played with that weight.

Tyson Alualu
On advice from Tyson Alualu: He was my leader, he was my boy. [Alualu] texts me and I text him throughout the season, just checking up on [each other], telling me to keep my head up and different ways of leading the team. When he left, he was definitely the leader, moreso by example and I'm moreso by voice. I definitely lead by example as well, but I have a louder voice, I'm more willing to talk. He's said a couple words to me [about the draft process], and that's just to go as hard as I can, chase after the ball, things that our defensive line coach has installed in all of us.

On his go-to move: With the game on the line, it's probably a chop-rip or a chop-swim, something fast and physical.

On Cal's 3-4 defense: I hope [it will help in draft process]; along with a 3-4, I've played in a 4-3 my freshman year. That's probably what's so special about the Cal defense, within my past four years I've played both. And in both schemes, I've played tackle, end, as well as standing up two-point Sam type. I've been blessed to have done that all.

On strength of draft DL: A lot of defensive line talent this year. Clearly, you've got the seniors that have have the four years experience, then you've got the juniors and a redshirt sophomore who are just outstanding pass rushers who've made their mark already. I guess what you get with the seniors is that extra year of experience. I'm thinking I've played the run a little more than they have, and therefore I think I'm a little more of a veteran in the run game than they are. As far as putting myself ahead of anybody else, I say watch my field, I think I've done a lot in the last four years.

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