Senior Bowl: Christian Ponder Press Conference
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 26, 2011
Christian Ponder
On prior relationship with Chan Gailey: He was at Georgia Tech, they recruited me pretty hard. They were probably my second choice, after Florida State, I actually have a good relationship with coach [Curtis] Modkins, who's actually the one who recruited me personally, so it's been nice to work with them finally and be put in a new situation.

On FSU post Bobby Bowden: We were disappointed to see him go, and Coach Bowden was probably the number one reason I came to Florida State, my dad played for Florida State and I always had a dream of playing for him. Everyone had a lot of problems with how it went down, but how do you tell a legend to exit? It's definitely a tough situation and we've missed him a lot, but Coach Fisher really stepped in and did an unbelievable job and having three years in the program made that transition a lot easier for us, and as players we were a lot more comfortable with it. It was a big year for this program.

On 2010 injuries: I think there were a lot of concerns over my health, and to be able to be able to perform and throw right in front of these NFL scouts is a huge opportunity for me to discount some of those concerns. Right now, I'm 100 percent, everything feels good. To clear something up, everyone says it was my elbow that was injured, it was actually my forearm. It happened the sixth game of the year, there was no structural damage, the doctors described it as a really bad Indian Burn. I got hit and slid across the ground, the connecting tissue called fascia (connects the skin to the muscle) separated from the muscle and a little pocket formed. Every time I landed on it this fluid would rush in the area, I'd get it drained and the very next game I'd fall on it again and more fluid would rush in the area. It wasn't a major injury, it was more of a nuisance, and it didn't really get cleared up until after the season. I had surgery to clean it all out, and now it's fine.

On combine intentions: I'm not sure what I'm going to do, I think the plan right is that I'm not going to throw, I think that's what most quarterbacks do. Something could change and I could throw, but I will do everything else.

On pro day: We haven't set an exact date, we're shooting for the middle of March, I think we're shooting for March 16 but there's not an exact date yet.

Greg McElroy
On prior relationship with Greg McElroy: It's a very unique deal [playing in the same HS district], we know Andy [Dalton] as well (from Texas), we all crossed paths at some point. Greg and I worked out at the same place in high school out in South Lake, so we've been keeping up with each other throughout our collegiate careers. For us to be here is pretty unique; we're friends, but at the same time we're both very competitive in what we're doing.

On 2010 win over Florida: Yes, I think so [favorite memory]. It was definitely a big game for the program, to end a six-game losing streak against them was big. Florida State fans are always telling me we can go 1-11, as long as that win is against Florida it's a successful season. Definitely huge for this program, especially after beating Miami, but that was the best atmosphere I've been a part of. It was one of my biggest memories.

On not playing in ACC Championship: It was disappointing to a point, I was excited to be there and proud of myself and my teammates to get to that point. I tried to go, and my arm just wouldn't let me, but I can say that I'm proud to have gotten that accomplishment.

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