Senior Bowl: Luke Stocker Press Conference
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 26, 2011
Luke Stocker
On blocking/receiving: I came from Tennessee, we ran a pro-style offense anyway, so there were a lot of times I could show my versatility. I've had my hand in the dirt a lot as a blocker, and also got a chance to run some routes, motioned a lot and shifted a lot. So I got an opportunity playing at Tennessee to show what I can do for an offense.

On role of TE in NFL: I think with tight ends it's all about the offense creating mismatches. [In a two-TE set] If you can make another team sub in their big package, then you've got a couple tight end receivers that can get out and create a mismatch on linebackers or a safety. If they try to stay in and defend the pass with a nickel package then you can pound the ball with the run game. I think it gives a huge advantage to the offense if you can have those versatile guys in there like that.

On where he needs to get better: Consistently getting open, consistently getting in and out of my routes. This week the offense is kind of scaled down but at the next level the huge thing is mentally being aware of the game and knowing your assignment, knowing where to be lined up and being on top of your playbook.

On highlight reel catch [Tuesday]: Yeah, it was a pretty big hit from the safety there from Clemson. He made a good play on the ball, I made a good play on the ball, but I got out of that feeling alright.

On this week so far: I feel like I've put three solid days together, each day builds off itself and I am feeling better and better. Just getting the rust off, I feel like going into Saturday I'm going to feel really good and feel better in the swing of it.

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