Senior Bowl: Marvin Lewis Press Conference (Wednesday)
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 26, 2011
Marvin Lewis
Opening Statement: I thought today was a really good day of execution for our guys. I thought you saw a marked difference in the quarterbacks. I thought their ability to throw the football and work the ball down the field, I was really pleased with that today. The thing defensively that I think shows is it looks as though we'll have a great ability to rush the quarterback, that'll be good, we'll need that as we come into Saturday afternoon. But I thought it was a good day, tomorrow we'll kind of scale it back a little bit as far as taking the pants off tomorrow and being a little more segmented football with the installation of kind of some red zone, short yardage, goal line type things. A one minute offense and defense, which for defense isn't much change because you're so limited in what you got to do. But at least, theory wise, we'll be able to work into those things.

On the evaluation process: Well, we're really heavy on the evaluation process, trying to be. And I think hopefully that gives the coaches and the other people what they want to see. And I think if we can, as we told our players, if we can play this football game one play at a time, one possession at a time, all that will take care of itself. So if you're doing those things right, the rest of the game will fall into place that way.

On the daily grind this week: I feel good when we leave the practice and nobody is limping. That's how I think getting through each day is. But that to me is, I want to see these guys get in and out of the practice, get the work accomplished that we're trying to accomplish, yet they're doing it healthy and upright.

Cameron Jordan
On the pass rushers that have stood out this week: I think [Jeremy] Beal from Oklahoma and Cameron [Jordan] from Cal, both guys have shown some good things. I think Ryan Kerrigan has done a nice job. So I think those three guys have impressed me thus far, and I'm probably forgetting somebody so you probably shouldn't single guys out.

On North LBs: Well you can't do anything with the linebackers in this, so, that's down the line stuff. I do think the linebackers are talented guys. I think they'll show well, I do.

Jeremy Beal
On Jeremy Beal at LB: That is a two-play analysis. It is just something that down the line he'll have to continue to work at and do. I think that for kind of getting thrown in there with a three or five minute coaching on it earlier today, just kind of wanted to show that on tape and maybe we'll give him a little bit more tomorrow and see how the game unfolds. But I think it is something that both he and Ryan [Kerrigan] can do if they keep working on it.

Greg Jones
On Greg Jones: I think Greg has had a really good three days of practice. You know, you're playing a defense that he's used to playing so you know some of these guys don't have much change or adjustment to do so they stand out pretty good.

On North OTs: I think they are doing a good job of the nuances and the finer points of what it takes to play offensive tackle in the National Football League. They are very eager and hungry to learn and I think that is a good thing and they're in a good spot to be. And I think that those guys are like sponges, and that's good. They are understanding now that they're not going to be the biggest, most talented guy anymore, and they're going to have to adjust their games a little bit and what they've been taught and kind of get ready to play NFL football against those guys that line up across from them.

On versatile OL: That is kind of what you have to do. I think they've adjusted well. As far as playing, we got some of these guys who are playing tackle and they are moving in to play guard and so forth. I was speaking with an offensive line coach from another club today and that is what stood out to him in his mind. You know, that is an impressive thing, to be able to go from left guard to right tackle or from right guard to left guard to left tackle and those kind of things. When you're a young player in the National Football League and you can have that kind of versatility and feel good about things, you obviously have some smarts and some on the ball stuff that will help.

On North QBs: I just think that the rhythm of the sets and getting the ball out of their hand. We got some free runners coming every once in a while and their ability to kind of work through the trees there and then throw the football and deliver the ball accurately down the field is a good thing, to stay calm and composed in that. I think they're getting comfortable with what they're doing. I think they're getting comfortable in their surroundings which is key to play quarterback.

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