Senior Bowl: Vincent Brown Press Conference
By: Sideline Scouting Staff
January 26, 2011
Vincent Brown
Opening Statement: I feel like I've done a lot being here. Coming from a small school, there's a lot of competition and high-level guys here and I'm happy to be in the same spot as all these guys.

On best part of his game: I would say my big play ability when I do have a chance to make plays. I understand offenses, schemes, defensive schemes, and I work through a lot of that to be able to make big plays.

On who he credits for sharp route running: Definitely my college position coach, LeCharls McDaniel. From day one, first day I came in as a freshman, he was working with me on routes and my whole game as a whole. Breaking down film, modeling myself after guys and seeing what they do, looking at other film and picking apart things like that and adding it to my own game.

On who he models himself after: I watch a lot of Reggie Wayne and Greg Jennings. A lot of people say I'm similar to their skill set and that type of thing, so I really watch those two a lot. Their route running ability, how hard they play the game, they understand how to get open and work corners and use it to their advantage.

On the toughest CB he faced in college: It was my freshman year against Sean Smith, playing for the Miami Dolphins right now. I was a true freshman and we played Utah at their house, he's a big corner so it was rough that game, but being thrown out there it was a good experience for me.

On how to beat tall/fast CBs: Definitely have to be quicker than they are. A lot of bigger corners take a lot of moves or are slower with their feet, so be quicker and make them move to get them to do what you want them to do.

On Brady Hoke and Michigan: He was a great coach, he did a lot for our program in just the two years he was there. I was happy to be a part of a winning season, because I've seen that program on both sides. I was there for three years where we didn't do anything, didn't make a bowl game, but the style that he brought in was great for us. I tip my hat off to him over there at Michigan and he's chasing his dream job so you can't knock him for that.

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